Program Overview

What is CIC?

Changemakers in Computing (CIC) is a free summer program hosted by the University of Washington’s Allen School. CIC aims to increase the participation of underrepresented, economically disadvantaged, and/or future first-generation college students in computer science and engineering. The program is open to all rising juniors and seniors at Washington State high schools. Students will be organized into Mentee* groups led by Mentors** who are current UW undergraduate students. Mentees will develop coding skills through culturally relevant project-based learning, learning about different areas of computing, explore the changemaking impact one can have through technology, receive support in pursuing continued learning, and building community with other changemakers – other Mentees, as well as Mentors.

*Mentees: High school student CIC participants
**Mentors: UW undergraduate students

What are the benefits of joining CIC?

By being part of Changemakers in Computing, high school students can benefit from:

  • Direct mentorship from UW undergraduate students
  • Supportive community of peers and mentors who are caring and committed to intercultural communication and collective growth
  • Problem solving skills development and meaningful projects that combine topics around technology, society, and justice
  • Career exploration and professional networking opportunities with changemakers from all types of places and organizations
  • Advising with exploring what college can look like, how to afford it, and what fields you could pursue

We are committed to ensuring that we are making learning about computing accessible by:

  • Providing breakfast and lunch for all students
  • Providing a $1500 education stipend for all students
  • Providing a $250 Safeway gift card for students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch at their school to help pay for groceries throughout our program

What is a changemaker in computing?

Changemakers are individuals who are committed to learning eagerly, thinking critically, inquiring thoughtfully, acting intentionally, and reflecting deeply for collective societal change.

Computing is a field that leverages design, computer software and hardware, and technology in general to collect, process, share, and problem-solve around information to rethink, shape, and transform reality.

Combined, Changemakers in Computing is a program that supports young people to grow in their societal consciousness, sense of community, technical problem solving, and understanding of the change they can create in the world.

What are the program dates and times?

The Summer 2024 program dates are Wednesday, July 8th - Friday, August 2nd. We will be meeting in person on the University of Washington campus Monday - Friday.

Dates What's happening
March 6th, 2024 Application opens
April 3rd, 2024 Application deadline
May 1st, 2024 Applicants are notified of decisions
July 8th to August 2nd CIC Summer Program 2024!